Pasig-Singapore, Manila-Paralympics highlight PCAP Saturday

Pasig-Singapore, Manila-Paralympics highlight PCAP Saturday

MANILA, Philippines — Guest teams Philippine Paralympic Chess Team and SinQGApore out of Singapore will undergo a stern test when they face off with the Manila Indios Bravos and the Pasig King Pirates respectively in the PCAP-SMC-Ayala Land Premier Cup on Saturday.

The Paralympic team is tops in the South Division with a 5-0 record while SinQGApore is at third with a 4-1 record. 

Now it’s the time for serious reckoning as they are up against some of the top caliber squads not just in the Northern Division but in all of PCAP.

The King Pirates currently are at second in their group with a 5-0 record while the Indios Bravos are at fourth spot, likewise undefeated at 5-0.

The two guest teams have mostly faced the other guest squads and the bottom tier regular squads.

In Manila, the Indios Bravos list four International Masters in Ronald Dableo, John Marvin Miciano, Cris Ramayrat Jr. and Chito Garma, including a Grandmaster in Ino Sadorra who for now is playing back-up because of a hectic schedule in the United States of America. 

The King Pirates look to be in their best form this third conference behind their two GMs in Roland Salvador and Darwin Laylo, with solid players in David Elorta, Sherily Cua and Rudy Ibanez. 

SinQGApore is no slouch with their two GMS in Kevin Goh and Gong Qianyun plus their IMs in Nima Javanbakht, Chan Peng Kong and Jimmy Liew.

The Paralympics team features FM Sander Severino, IM Daniel Quizon, FM Roel Abelgas, and NMs Felix Aguilera and Henry Lopez. Their woman player Jerlyn San Diego is talented as well. 

The two battles are in the second of the Saturday PCAP double header that can be viewed on PCAP’s Facebook page as well as the respective team pages.

Other key battles include the San Juan Predators versus the Camarines Soaring Eagles, and the Iloilo Kisela Knights versus the Caloocan LoadManna Knights.