'Dota at Ako': 10 years later, 'Dota o Ako' gets an answer

'Dota at Ako': 10 years later, 'Dota o Ako' gets an answer

MANILA, Philippines — After a decade of asking “Dota o Ako”, viral DOTA player and rapper Aikee has finally revealed his answer to the question many Pinoy gamers were forced to confront with regards to their relationships.

Back in 2011, “Dota o Ako” was a viral music video uploaded on YouTube where the rapper was confronted by his on-screen girlfriend Vanessa with a tough choice, choosing between his favorite video game or Vanessa.

The video, reaching 24 million views, ended vaguely with viewers not knowing what Aikee finally decided on.

Ten years later, viewers finally get the answer with Netflix release “Dota at Ako”, which features both Aikee and Vanessa once more.

“Sa song kasi ng ‘DOTA o Ako,' hindi nasagot kung ano nga ba ang pinili ko. Dito kasi ay masasagot ko na ang tanong na nakalutang ng sampung taon.” shared Aikee.

The music video sequel shows the two, 10 years later and taking their relationship as well as their love for DOTA to a whole new level.

Similar to the original, the sequel is formatted to the Pinoy videoke style with matching lyrics at the bottom, transitioning beach photos with the two singers dancing to the beat.

“To be honest, I can't even imagine that my song 10 years ago ay magkakaroon ng sequel at hindi lang basta sequel bagkus sequel ito with Netflix,” said Aikee. “Kaya sobrang saya po ng puso ko dahil nabigyan ulit ng chance ang awiting tumatak sa tao isang dekada na ang nakalipas.”

Vanessa also shared Aikee's enthusiasm, as well as her excitement with working with Aikee once again.

“I was so excited in general to be working with Aikee again cause it has really been a long time since our collaboration -- 10 years ago to be exact.” said Vanessa. “So when I got the call to do a remake I immediately canceled my schedule and confirmed! I knew I was gonna do it! I had to do it for sure! And especially ecstatic to do the sequel with Netflix because I am OBSESSED!”

Scenes from Netflix's new series DOTA: Dragon's Blood was also featured in the music video.

The series has eight 25-minute episodes following the story of Davion the Dragon Knight and his encounter with Princess Mirana of the Knightsilver Woods.

DOTA: Dragon's Blood is now streaming on Netflix and features a Filipino dub.