With competition heating up, Globe woos with gigabyte swaps

With competition heating up, Globe woos with gigabyte swaps

Globe Telecom announced new products and promotions on Thursday, providing flexibility to subscribers who are likewise getting a wider array of choices from rival companies.

Globe’s new products were rolled out across its flagship mobile and home broadband segments and were tied in with ancillary services such as mobile wallet GCash, telemedicine and new content options.

It also announced a promo allowing customers to convert their unused gigabytes to Globe Rewards points, which could then be used to purchase goods or services.

Prepaid subscribers can get one point for each gigabyte while the conversion rate for postpaid is 1 GB for 10 points. Home prepaid users can also convert excess gigabytes until June 30 this year.

Globe is beefing up its business segments amid heightened competition in mobile and home internet.

Main rival PLDT Inc. earlier said it was spending more this year for expansion and upgrades, while Dito Telecommunity rolled out commercial services in Visayas and Mindanao on March 8.

At the same time, fiber internet company Converge ICT Solutions said it would complete a massive domestic undersea cable project, allowing it to serve customers across the Philippines within the year.

Globe CEO Ernest Cu said the company was allocating a record P70-billion capital investment budget for 2021. This is about 16 percent more than its spending budget in 2020.