Watch It's Showtime's 'Extra Life' game show, a Pinoy twist on Netflix's Squid Game

Watch It's Showtime's 'Extra Life' game show, a Pinoy twist on Netflix's Squid Game

Netflix dropped Squid Games on September 17 and took up the number one spot in the Top 10 Shows on the streaming platform three days after its release. If you’re a fan of Hunger Games, Alice in Borderland, and Battle Royale, this show is right down your alley. To build on the hype and the excitement, ABS-CBN’s noon-time program It’s Showtime recently launched Extra Life, a game show with games similar to those in the Korean series but without the deadly challenges.

What Extra Life is all about

Squid Game is all about child’s play – but bloodier and deadlier. Extra Life on It’s Showtime, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. The game show invites previously popular celebrities and influencers, where they are given another shot at fame by competing in a series of games.

Watch out for Internet sensations such as the Pabebe Girls and Dante Gulapa, the Hearthrob-ol Maker Hero Angeles, former Sexbomb Dancer Izzy Aragon, Comedian John “Sweet” Lapus, and Twinpossible Sisters Joj and Jai Pangan, as they take the center stage once more.

These personalities will go head-to-head with one another for that extra life. The participant to come out victorious will get coverage on ABS-CBN networks, giving them another shot at stardom. Don’t forget to tune in to the game show every afternoon and place your bets on your favorites!

Is Squid Game about to ‘come to life’?

Don’t be fooled by Squid Game’s uniquely bright and colorful hues. Despite its candy-colored aesthetics, the Korean series on Netflix has a dark and bloody twist. By the looks of it, some parts of the show are about to “come to life” in the Philippines.

Be on the lookout for the Red Light Green Light doll, similar to that one in the series in Robinsons Galleria ADB Avenue. Take a selfie or two when you chance upon the gigantic creepy doll hovering over the passersby.

What to love about Squid Game

Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the nine-episode Korean series on Netflix is making rounds in the Philippines because of its thrilling and deadly twist on childhood games. 456 players from all walks of life join the game and play by the rules. A whopping prize awaits the victorious, but one wrong move does not only make them lose a shot at winning. It would also cost them their life. What can be more bone-chilling and suspenseful than that?

Catch Extra Life on It’s Showtime for a whiff of suspense with Pinoy celebrities, and watch Squid Game on Netflix for a thrilling experience.

Watch the trailer here:

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