Visayas power distributor warns public vs reconnection scam

Visayas power distributor warns public vs reconnection scam

CEBU CITY – Power distributor Visayan Electric warned the public against unauthorized collection of payments for restoration.

In a statement, Visayan Electric said it has received reports that there were individuals or contractors extorting money in exchange for prioritization of the re electrification of homes or establishments.

“We are taking this concern seriously and are already conducting an investigation on the matter,” the company said.

Visayan Electric asked cooperation and advised the public “not to entertain or participate in these illegal activities.”

“We highly urge everyone to report these incidents through our Visayan Electric hotline number 230-8326 or send us a direct message on our Facebook page,” Visayan Electric said.

Visayan Electric assured the public that those who will be proven to have done such illegal actions wil lbe penalized accordingly.

Visayan Electric added that its accredited contractors and industry partners working within their franchise area do not require nor accept any re-electrification or prioritization fees.

“Restoration of electricity is free of charge. Our teams on the ground are working 24 hours a day to fast-track our power restoration efforts in Cebu,” it said.

Visayan Electric further advised that the company is not liable for any damage or loss arising out of or in connection with the unauthorized re-energization arrangement entered into by customers.

Visayan Electric does not warrant the quality of the wirings, equipment, or materials used in these unauthorized electricity connections, it said.