Technik Cooking Range: The best kitchen upgrade you never knew you needed

Technik Cooking Range: The best kitchen upgrade you never knew you needed

Staying at home makes most Filipino households today rethink which parts of their houses need some overhaul. Numerous design trends continue to emerge online giving you inspirations for a refreshed home interior. Starting off with remodeling your kitchen could just be the smartest way to add value to your home.

Kitchen is considered as the heart of every home; it is where we create sumptuous meals that fuel up our family every day. But being the busiest corner of the house makes it a little hard to maintain. This is why it is every important to keep our kitchen efficient and functional.

One of the most exciting yet critical investments when renovating your kitchen is to choose the perfect appliances that not only work well with your motif but are also of high quality to ensure long-term use. Choosing the best appliances for a kitchen upgrade can be daunting. But what should you consider when looking for the perfect cooking partner?

The search is over with the Technik Cooking Ranges that come in 50 cm. (TFG5540CVMBC), 60 cm. (TFG6031CRVMBC), and 90 cm. (TFG9141CRVMBC)! And we made a list why these cooking ranges should be on top of your list:

Complements your kitchen design

These Technik Cooking Ranges have a Matte Black Finish that brings elegance and character to various kitchen styles. The classy-looking knobs also add an appeal on the overall look of the cooking range. Maintenance wouldn’t be a problem since it is easy to clean and resistant to scratches.

Superior cooking performance

“You are only as good as your tools”; this is why the functionality of every kitchen highly depends on the performance of your appliance. Technik Cooking Ranges are equipped with premium Italian Sabaf/ Defendi burners that produce excellent flame distribution and high-level performance.

Meal preparation for big-batch recipes can now be hassle-free; thanks to its Cast Iron Pan Support that guarantees a strong hold of your kitchen ware – offering stability and durability.

Ensures safety in the kitchen

Aside from design and performance, safety should always come as a priority. These Technik Cooking Ranges are built with Double Glass Low-E Oven Door which retains the heat inside, saves energy and leaves the outer-facing door cooler to prevent accidental burns.

Additionally, the Technik cooking ranges have Oven Safety Valves that automatically cut off gas supply so unexpected gas leakage in the kitchen will be prevented.

A true space saver

Compact appliances have become a trend nowadays; a stove top and an oven combined in a single unit lets you save a lot of space. Technik Cooking Ranges allow you to cook multiple meals at the same time with its Gas Burners, Electric Hot Plate and large Thermostat-Controlled Oven. Additionally, the 90 cm. TFG9141CRVMBC Cooking Range comes with a compartment that serves as storage for the gas tank.

A cooking partner made to last

Renovation is more than just aesthetics; it is about upgrading your kitchen to suit your long-term lifestyle needs. Apart from the advanced features and sleek design of the Technik Cooking Ranges, these are strongly built using the finest materials to last even after many years of use.

Technik Kitchen Appliances are available in leading appliance stores nationwide. Backed up with over 400 service centers, Technik Cooking Ranges are covered with a warranty of one year on service and two years on parts.

For complete details about Technik Kitchen Appliances, drop by its main showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Legazpi, and Palawan. Technik Kitchen Appliances are exclusively distributed by Appstar Global Distributors Inc. You can visit their website at

Upgrading your kitchen with Technik appliances is definitely a smart move, so go ahead and make it happen!