Marites, Marisa, Mariposa: Get to know Mosang's distant cousins when you want to get your tsismis on

Marites, Marisa, Mariposa: Get to know Mosang's distant cousins when you want to get your tsismis on

The creativity of Pinoys knows no bounds, especially when it comes to inventing terms that depict day to day life (and types of people).

Filipinos love to be entertained and as the social media capital of the world, nothing escapes the eagle eyes of Marites (Mare, ito ang latest) and Mosang (short for tsismosa) when it comes to the comings and goings in the entertainment world.

Perhaps, you may be familiar with the latest showbiz happenings but not with Marites and Mosang’s close cousins. We recently discovered them with the help of our friendly neighborhood Facebook and wanted to share them with you. Full credits to the geniuses who came up with these terms and for community members who shared them.

First up, we have Marietta, which means Mare, ito pa (Girl, here’s more). You use the term when there is a follow up to a story you’ve been following.

Next, we are introduced to Marisol , which means Mareng tagasulsol (provoker). This is used for a person who fans the flame of intrigue by adding more controversial information to the already hot issue.

Who can discount Marissa, which means Mare, isa pa (Girl, there’s more). This is the person who shares new information as soon as it is discovered by the Marites of cyberspace.

If a person is a passive participant but wants to be in the know, she is simply called a Maris which is short for Mare, ano ang tsismis? (Girl, what’s the tea?)

Marina may have been a popular mermaid character on television before but now, the name is associated with Mare, ano na? (Girl, what now?) It is used by someone who wants to know the latest development in a running story.

And finally, we have Mariposa which is short for Mare, post mo na (Girl, post it already). This is used by a Marisol on someone who has the dish on an ongoing story to make it more interesting.

And there you have it folks. As with every issue, be discerning of your sources, before you spread the info. You don’t want to Marina fake news, do you?