Is it time for a family TV upgrade? Here are things that would make you say yes

Is it time for a family TV upgrade? Here are things that would make you say yes

MANILA, Philippines — For families with young kids, spending time together is important as it makes them grow closer together. However, hectic schedules and work-related stress sometimes result to fewer quality family time. 

This, unfortunately, can still be true even with work-from-home setups of most working parents during this pandemic. Similarly, those who now report to offices or manage businesses, may find it more difficult to balance their schedules. 

The truth is, quality family time doesn’t really require much than everybody’s presence. Right at home and in front of the television, families can create wonderful moments that are worth cherishing.

Here are some ideas how you and your family can make the best moments at home:

1. Watch age-appropriate shows together

Even with their young minds, you’ll be surprised how your kids may think. By watching age-appropriate shows like educational series or documentaries, you can stimulate their imagination and ideas, and even spark conversation among one another.

Luckily, a lot of streaming sites are available, which allow families with Android TVs to have easy access to these shows. In a few seconds, you can use your TV to search the internet and select the shows you want to enjoy together.

2. Shake it up and get fit together

Working out at home has become a trend as many try to find physical activities indoors. Good thing, there are many personal training applications, which make exercising at home fun and convenient.

Instead of working out on your own, you can turn exercise sessions into a family bonding by encouraging the rest in the house to join and exercise altogether. You can do this by installing training apps or playing Zumba videos on your TV then start achieving a healthy body as a family.

3. Relive competitiveness with family games

When was the last time your family played board games together?

As much as these games bring fun, these have also become less interesting to the young ones who wouldn’t take the time rolling dies or reading game manuals. Instead, they would rather enjoy games with exciting visuals and music.

With Android TVs, you can recreate those exciting moments and awaken the competitive spirits of everyone in the house by playing trivia games, arcade and board games on the TV by using your smartphones as controllers.

By simply installing these games, you can now make family moments more competitive and exciting for everyone.

4. Get face-to-face with your friends

Introducing your family and sharing life updates to your good friends is a great way to reconnect. But squinting at your loved ones on your mobile phones or computer screen doesn’t always feel like a personal interaction because of the small screens.

To make it feel like you are talking to your loved ones face-to-face, you can upsize your video calls through your TV screen. Install a video calling app on your television and connec it to a dedicated camera.

Through this, you can make moments over the internet more personal and comfortable. Plus the fact that you all don’t have to squeeze in front of a small screen!

5. Walk down memory lane

Remember when we all had photo albums and let old pictures bring us to wonderful moments in the past? You can still do that even without printed copies of your photos by simply using your television.

Through your laptops or mobile devices, you can create albums of your favorite family photos then start viewing it on high definition with your TV’s vivid display.

From your wedding photos to your babies’ cute snapshots, reminiscing these moments and talking about the stories can be a wonderful time for the family.

Create best moments with the right TV

Is it time for a family TV upgrade? Here are things that would make you say yes

Invest in your family by investing in a device that can make family moments more exciting and enjoyable, like Sony’s Android TV™.

With easy control features, topnotch screen displays and innovative audio technology, these state-of-the-art TVs can bring families closer as they stream, watch and play together.

Sony’s Android TV™ and Master A9G series are made to elevate every family member’s home entertainment, from playing immersive and lag-free games to enjoying high-definition movie scenes and sounds like you’re watching it in a cinema.

Start making every moment with your family count by creating life’s most wonderful moments with Sony’s Android TV™, your family’s ticket to unlimited home entertainment.

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