Angel Locsin takes on new diet plan, starts fitness journey

Angel Locsin takes on new diet plan, starts fitness journey

Angel Locsin is taking her first steps to get back into shape, stating that she is now on a nutritionist-approved diet plan after a long time.

The actress discussed her new calorie-control diet and showed some of the meals she was supposed to eat on her Instagram Stories yesterday, June 8.

“Today is the first day of my diet. After so many years, I finally decided to go back,” she said, noting that her diet program was based on recommendations from a respected clinic.

Locsin then showed the meal she had for lunch on her first day of the diet, which appears to be a few slices of pork and some potatoes.

“Yes, mukha siyang konti (this appears to be little) because I’m on an 800-calorie diet. And according to my nutritionist, ‘yon yung kailangan ko (that’s what I need) to achieve my goal,” she explained. “So please bear with me and wish me good luck.”

The actress did not state a specific reason for going on a diet, but she appears to be happy with the plan.

“Masarap siya! Hindi lasang karton. Sh*t, happy ako,” she said. (It’s delicious! It doesn’t taste like cardboard. I’m happy.)

The Kapamilya star suffered from a disc bulge in 2015, which led to changes in her health and weight. She started feeling pain whenever she works out or does sudden movements.

Locsin has also been subject to in the past, but she asserted that she would rather to statements about her own body. She added that she pities body shamers because they live a “sad life.” JB