Wil Dasovich says he's 'back on track'

Wil Dasovich says he's 'back on track'
Wil Dasovich (Instagram)

Fresh from his exciting trekking activities abroad, social media influencer and television personality Wil Dasovich has just arrived in the country.

On Instagram, Dasovich says he’s “back on track” as he uploaded a photo while in quarantine at a hotel in Makati City. He also says he’s excited to share to his followers more photos and video from his trip in the Himalayas.

“The human body is a remarkable thing, and I’m just glad to be healthy and back on track,” Wil wrote.

The Filipino-American personality, who has just separated from cosplayer-vlogger Alodia Gosiengfiao, said that he will leave for the United Arab Emirates next week.

Wil’s full post:

“RECOVERY MODE & shocking sleep stats.

“On the 1st day back from extreme altitude, my biomarkers shot back to normal in 24 hours. I was worried up there wondering if there was something wrong with my heart for the past few weeks, but it’s really just the altitude (+ exhaustion, stress, competition, etc).

“I went from averaging 4 hrs of sleep with a resting heart rate of 81 bpm (that’s like my light walking exercise heart rate!) to now a solid 13+ hrs of sleep and back to the usual heart rate of 40 bpm. The human body is a remarkable thing and I’m just glad to be healthy and back on track. I’ll be secluding myself to the editing cave for the next week, so I can share with you all my life update and one of the most difficult & beautiful trips of my life. (P.S. see you in Abu Dhabi next week dm @charry_dasovich for details!)

“Excited about my relaxing stay here at @discoverasrphilippines @citadines_ph with this clean space and lovely view #DiscoverASRPhilippines #CitadinesPH #CitadinesSalcedoMakati