Q&A with Mrs. Philippines Int'l 2021 Leona Luisa A. Andersen

Q&A with Mrs. Philippines Int'l 2021 Leona Luisa A. Andersen
Leona Luisa A. Andersen

NAME: Leona Luisa A. Andersen


PROFESSION/WORK/BUSINESS: Shareholder at Lé Gastro

TELL US MORE ABOUT YOURSELF: I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Is a BS Psychology graduate, has a license in Basic Life Support and Basic First Aid. I am very musically minded and into art and reading.

WHY DID YOU JOIN MRS PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL? I joined the MPI due to wanting to get really active in doing charity and sharing with those in need. Since I was in college, this was one thing that I really got active in, but through simple ways due to lack of funds. But now, it is one of my priorities. I also joined the pageant to be able to inspire not only women but my fellow Mom’s.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: I am an only child of elder parents. Was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and moved here in PH during 12yrs old. I only knew how to speak English and the Filipino language was a real struggle, but I was able to learn in a years time with the guidance of a tutor along the way. My Dad had his own business in Canada of Interior Decorating and my Mom worked as a caregiver specialized for children due to her additional course of Child Psychology. Both my parents met in Canada and settled together and got married. My Mom then quit her work and focused on raising me.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PREVIOUS PAGEANT EXPERIENCES: During yr 2013 – I joined the Mutya ng Olongapo and got the 1st Runner-Up. Then I took the adventure to going to PMMA – Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and competed for the Mutya ng Marino 2014 and was able to get the 1st Runner-Up again. Then during Yr 2015, I got pregnant and had to stop from pageantry but in yr 2020, I got back on my feet and joined the Grand Ambassadress of the Universe PH and was able to take home 7 awards. But due to the pandemic, the pageant was not able to push through. Due to boredom when the pandemic hit, especially the lock-down, I joined an Online Modeling competition – Battle to the Top and was able to win as the Female Grand Winner. After this, my pageantry life got more productive and was able to win the very first Reina ng Tahanan 1st Runner-up and Madlang Peoples Choice of ABS CBN It’s ShowTime.

TELL US ABOUT THE PLACE YOU ARE REPRESENTING: Olongapo City, a small city yet rich in culture and wilderness. From leisure to dinning to sports and various activities – you can name it; Olongapo City can offer you all of these and accommodate all ages.

WHAT ARE EXPECTING FROM THE PAGEANT AND WHAT CAN YOU OFFER TO THE ORGANIZATION? I am expecting professionalism and teamwork – to mold the women to be able to work well together and be as one – United/Unity. Since I am just starting in pageants for “Misis”, I would love to grow with the organization and offer my 3 H’s – my Head, Heart and Hands. I will offer my time to help out with the organization and commit as much as I can.

DO YOU HAVE AN ADVOCACY THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO PROMOTE USING THE PLATFORM OF THE PAGEANT? I would like to promote awareness towards Poverty and Education. During this pandemic, many households have suffered, especially the below average and average people. This was due to the loss of work and financial support. And due to that, most parents have a hard time to attend to the education needs of their kids. I wish to help them in the simplest way, but what will help our upcoming generation – the light of our upcoming world.

HOW ARE YOU PREPARING FOR THE PAGEANT? I am currently practicing my talent and my walk, since I haven’t been active in National pageants for a while. I really want to train hard and be more than ready for the pageant.

WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL MAKE YOU WIN THE PAGEANT? I know I will win this pageant cause as my Fiancé said, “I was born ready”. So I know I will win this. I also have the edge of being more fit compared to my other competitors and are a dual citizen with 2 passports. Also, my English skills are really great and my relations with people is also good.

WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO WHEN IT COMES TO PAGEANTS AND WHY? I look up to my Mom since she was my strength as being a single Mom way back; she is the reason why I am as strong as I am now and why I keep aiming for more achievements in my pageant life

IF YOU WILL WIN (ANY TITLES), WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR REIGN? I plan to pursue my advocacy and really get active in charity works. I also want to inspire more children to be productive and aim high.

YOUR MESSAGE TO YOUR CO-CANDIDATES AND SUPPORTERS: Co Candidates: I am hoping that our bond will get stronger together and that we will work as one. Supporters: Thank you so much for your over pouring support, and please continue to root for me and follow me through my journey with the pride of bringing the name of Olongapo City.