Filipinos well-represented in 'Spider-man: No Way Home', thanks to Lola

Filipinos well-represented in 'Spider-man: No Way Home', thanks to Lola

MANILA, Philippines — Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

The Filipino community was well-represented in the blockbuster film “Spider-man: No Way Home” with Jacob Batalon playing Tom Holland’s Spider-man best friend as Ned Leeds.  

But Ned’s grandmother caught the attention of the Filipino viewers of the movie when his “Lola” spoke Tagalog in one of the scenes. 

In one of the most exciting scenes of the movie where Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man was shown in the movie, Ned’s lola, played by Mary Rivera, ordered Andrew to clean up the ceiling while he’s hanging on there. 

"Ned sabihin mo diyan sa mamang yan na alisin ang agiw sa sulok,” the Filipino grandmother said.  

Ned translated it to Andrew as he cleans the ceiling. 

But when Tobey’s Spider-man entered, the two Spider-men from different universe shot each other leaving webs on the house. 

“Ikaw ha nagkalat ka nanaman. Linisin mo lahat ng mga basura mo dito. At ikaw naman, alam mo naman na gusto ko na itong bahay natin maayos pero tignan mo, dumi dito, dumi doon," Mary said. 

“My lola was asking if you could clean up the web you just shot,” Ned said. 

"Yes of course, Lola," Andrew answered.

Mary's casting in the movie confirmed speculations last year that Disney was looking for a Filipino grandmother who will play in the movie.

According to Project Casting's website, the Filipino should be 50 to 90 years old and fluent in speaking English.

“Katie Doyle Casting, Hawaii is assisting Sarah Finn Casting (Avengers: Endgame, The Mandalorian, Guardians of the Galaxy) in looking for an actress to play a role in an upcoming Walt Disney Studios film,” the post read.  

“No professional acting experience is required, but the applicant must speak English fluently and be comfortable traveling on a plane to Atlanta. They also should be currently authorized to work in the United States (either a US citizen, a green card holder, or an O-1 visa holder.),” it added.