Alexandra de Rossi on Mother's Day: Being a mom is not the only essence of a woman

Alexandra de Rossi on Mother's Day: Being a mom is not the only essence of a woman

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Alessandra de Rossi shared her frustration on being made to feel "less of a woman" for being not married or not having kids.

"BV (bad vibes) na minsan when people make you feel you're less of a woman, bec you're not married or you don't have kids (yet) or a ring on your finger. Para bang.. Pwede bang ito yung path namin?! Sige, what is the essence of a woman? Malay ko! I don't even know the essence of a man! CHOT," she wrote in a Twitter post last May 4.

It was followed by related posts on motherhood and tying the knot that had netizens engaged in her reply section.

"If motherhood or getting married is the best thing that ever happened to you, I'm happy for you. I'm sure it is the happiest place to be. Pero okay naman ako sa Jollibee. Kanya kanyang trip lang yan. Naiiyak nga ako sa magandang sunset and it's also the best thing for me," she quipped, referencing the popular Filipino fastfood chain.

The outspoken actress who regularly comments on current issues added that while she may have taken a different path, she is still thankful for the things she has.

"Sorry. PMS. but it's valid. Haha! Stop feeling like you've made it because you're there na and I'm not.... And I seriously do not care. Whatever God gives me, I take it. Because I never asked for anything but my family's safety. I never prayed for a man or a career," she posted.

Her succeeding posts included her reply to select netizens who commented on her posts.

A netizen shared that she does not have time and is not keen on taking the responsibility of parenthood.

"I can relate, hindi naman sa ayaw ko. Wala namang nagkakagusto at wala naman akong time. At higit sa lahat, ayoko din ng responsibilidad, buhay ko nga hindi pa maayos, paano pa yung magiging anak ko," wrote @_kurbasizzle.

Alex replied, "Kung ano na lang dumating, let's embrace it and always be thankful for what we have instead of looking for what's not there. Pag dumating, ay bongga pala! Pag hindi, life was always bongga in the first place."

Netizen @mingmingmunings shared that someone she knows told her that one will only know true love when one gets to be a parent.

"Sabi ng kaklase ko, mararamdaman mo lang ang totoong pagmamahal kapag nagka-anak ka na. I guess di ko mararamdaman yun. lol," the netizen wrote.

The actress partly agreed but also stressed an important point related to a woman's reproductive health.

"I'm sure totoo din. Pero paano yung dysfunctional matris? Never niya mararamdaman yung tunay na pagmamahal? Kasi marami akong kilalang ganun. Unfair naman yun," replied Alessandra.