Syngenta takes Philippine agriculture to greater heights with approval of 2 products for drone use

Syngenta takes Philippine agriculture to greater heights with approval of 2 products for drone use

MANILA, Philippines — Drone technology takes off for Syngenta Philippines as two of its leading products are now approved for drone application.

Alika 247 ZC and Match 050 EC have been given conditional registration by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority so that the two products can now be applied to crops with the use of drones. 

Alika 247 ZC is an insecticide especially formulated to control rice bugs, while Match 050 EC protects corn crops from the dreaded fall armyworm.

The drone application of these products is expected to play a crucial role in precision farming, allowing farmers to apply Alika or Match more efficiently. This increases productivity while ensuring that crops reach their maximum quality and yield potential.

Use of drone technology also helps ensure the farmers’ safety, since handling and application of pesticides will now require less exposure to the products themselves. 

Syngenta is making deliberate and significant investments to make sure this technology is available for and maximized by Filipino farmers. 

Apart from product application, Syngenta will also use the drones to help farmers make better informed decisions. The drones can be used for crop monitoring, area mapping  and image capture of crops. This helps determine the plants’ status and health, which may not be readily apparent on the ground.

Information such as these will help farmers plan better and improve their farms before and during the planting season. They can make the necessary preparations or changes to their fertilizer application, choice of crop protection product, product dosage, and timing of application.

Having acquired several drones early on, Syngenta plans to add more to its fleet. It also looks forward to regulatory approval for drone application of more Syngenta products.

Syngenta’s Agronomy and Technical Services team also has members ready and trained to use the drones, with one already licensed to fly them.

Drone application is a significant milestone as Syngenta strives to accelerate innovative technologies for farmers and for sustainable agriculture. By providing cutting edge technologies, Syngenta maintains its commitment to equip farmers in managing their crops effectively and sustainably.