Filipino 'hand shadow' artist gets Golden Buzzer in 'Asia's Got Talent'

Filipino 'hand shadow' artist gets Golden Buzzer in 'Asia's Got Talent'

MANILA, Philippines — A Filipino contestant advanced to the semifinals of “Asia’s Got Talent” after getting a Golden Buzzer with his “hand shadow” performance.

Shadow Ace, whose real name is Philip Galit, wowed the talent show’s audience and judges with a shadow play done with his hands.

“We used to have constant blackout in our neighborhood so I entertain myself using candle light and wall when I was a little kid,” Galit said when asked by judge David Foster on what made him started in “hand shadow art.”

The unique performance left audiences and judges laughing and cheering as it did not only showcase Galit’s fingers transforming into shapes of people, but it also had perfect timing with the music accompaniment.

“Shadow Ace, it’s a silly little thing, I guess, to play with your hands and make figures like that. But, I tell you, I forgot that they were hands. They were people to me,” Foster said after Galit’s performance.

“I’m glad that you are on this show, really. I loved that performance,” judge Anggun gushed.

Judge Jay Park, on the other hand, applauded Galit for his one-of-a-kind performance: “We’ve seen shadow art shows and this, by far, was the best one.”

Meanwhile, hosts Alan Wong and Justin Bratton who were just as impressed as the judges came down the stage and used their allocated Golden Buzzer press to Shadow Ace.

This automatically advances Galit to the semifinals, making the shadow play performer and his parents cry out of joy.

Prior to joining “Asia’s Got Talent,” Galit was among the semifinalists on the fifth season of “Pilipinas Got Talent” in 2016. /muf