LeBron 'likes' Kyrie in a Lakers jersey

LeBron 'likes' Kyrie in a Lakers jersey

MANILA, Philippines — It looks like LA Lakers star LeBron James is more than welcome to the idea of reuniting with former Cavs teammate Kyrie Irving in LA, if his Instagram likes are anything to go by.

James 'liked' a manipulated photo of Irving where the star guard is donning a Lakers jersey.


I like how this feels

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Instagram user cuffsthelegend uploaded the photo with a caption 'I like how this feels' and it earned him a 'like' from the King himself.

Fans went berserk in the comments, with one comment saying "LeBron liked, Kyrie to LA confirmed" -- it gained 3,811 likes.

James has reportedly been in the process of recruiting potential free agent big fish to the Lakers.

The LA franchise suffered a mediocre season and didn't make it to the playoffs.

While this Instagram interaction is anything but conclusive, it has fans itching for a James and Irving reunion.