Chris and Alex on life, love and basketball

Chris and Alex on life, love and basketball

In our basketball-crazy country, PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) cagers are idolized like movie stars. Chris Ross and Alex Cabagnot of San Miguel Beermen (SMB) are more than qualified to join show biz.

But the hardcourt heartthrobs would rather focus on playing basketball (for now). Both of them were instrumental in bagging SMB’s back-to-back championships in the All-Filipino Cup and Commissioner’s Cup. A “grand slam” beckons for the Beermen when the Governors’ Cup kicks off in September.

For the fangirls out there, Chris and Alex are still single. They will keep on dribbling their way into the hearts of basketball aficionados. Read on to know more about SMB’s cool backcourt tandem, who happen to be my MVPs … Most Valuable Pals.

Here’s my chat with Chris (C) and Alex (A):

Is victory sweeter when it’s an all-Filipino conference or an import-laden one?

C: The most prestigious is the all-Filipino, but all championships are great. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

A: I love winning the championship in an all-Filipino conference. I find that to be the hardest trophy to attain. This isn’t to take anything away from the import-laden conferences, but winning in the all-Filipino is sweeter. There’s no outside help—just locals vs locals. I’m not saying that because I have five all-Filipino championships and I’m biased—no, I’ve also been blessed to be part of four import-laden championships.

If you could choose only one, which would you pick, PBA championship or true love?

C: For now, championships; for later, true love.

A: I would choose true love, because it lasts for ever and can withstand the test of time. With a championship, nobody will remember in a decade or two. In the case of true love, it will never be forgotten.

What are your sentiments about your teammate Arwind’s (Santos) tiff with import Terrence Jones?

C: I’m glad that Arwind gave his sincere apology, and Terrence accepted it. We should use it as a learning tool going forward.

A: Both sides have learned from it, and humanity won. Compassion and forgiveness prevailed.

What will it take for a girl to make you want to kiss your bachelor days goodbye?

C: She must be genuine, have a great personality, a nice smile and zest for life.

A: I don’t ask for much. I just want her free will.

If you decide to join show biz, who would you want to be your leading lady?

C: KC Concepcion, because I love the stuff she does for the less fortunate.

A: My neighbor, Maine Mendoza. She’s nice and accommodating to everyone. I find her pretty and funny.

What lessons in basketball are applicable to life and love?

C: You have to be dedicated to basketball every day. You have to work on your skills to better yourself. You have to stay loyal to the game. All these apply to relationships.

A: Discipline, integrity and being resilient. All are integral parts of basketball and should be used in all walks of life, especially in love.

What’s your message to your exes (Michelle Madrigal and Ginger Conejero) and their husbands?

C: For Michelle: I hope you’re doing great and are very happy with your life. I am truly happy for you.

A: For Ginger… (no reply; he just smiles).