Volunteers needed for animal rescue in Taal-affected areas

Volunteers needed for animal rescue in Taal-affected areas

MANILA, Philippines – The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) K-9 Corps is looking for volunteers who can help rescue animals affected by the Taal Volcano eruption.

“We need volunteers who can help crate and transport abandoned pets in Batangas and nearby provinces to a shelter or foster home,” said the MMDA K-9 Corps on Facebook.

The project is in partnership with Strategic Power for Animal Respondents (SPAR) Philippines, an online platform that disseminates information on animal welfare.

According to SPAR, many volunteers have expressed interest to help, but their main concern is having enough vehicles for transportation.

In addition, the MMDA K-9 Corps and SPAR are also asking volunteers to bring canned goods, bottled water, pet food, clothes, and toiletries among others.

The MMDA K-9 Corps is a non-profit organization that trains dogs for disaster relief operations. They have previously assisted in earthquake rescue operations.

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