The most-watched games of the week on Twitch

The most-watched games of the week on Twitch

“Just Chatting” is still on top of the podium, while “World of Warcraft” bowls us over this week. Here are the latest figures that show what was happening on Twitch in the last seven days.

The top 5 most-watched games on Twitch

1.  “Just Chatting” keeps its lead this week, growing by 7.1% with more than 53 million hours of streaming.

2. “League of Legends” loses ground, down by 3.56 million hours of streaming during the past seven days.

3. “World of Warcraft” reaches the third spot with 21.8 million streaming hours, up by 240% compared to last week.

4. “Fortnite” is fourth with a respectable score. It progresses by 2% with 19.6 million streaming hours during the past seven days.

5. “Minecraft” drops a little but remains fifth. The game does some damage control since it clocks over 16 million streaming hours, losing 3.2 million streaming hours.

The top 5 trending games on Twitch

Again this week, streaming hours explode for “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” while “Destiny 2” resurfaces conservatively.

1. “World of Warcraft” is number one this week. It is the week’s top-trending game with a dazzling rise and 15 million streaming hours in seven days.

2. “Just Chatting” earns 3.5 million hours in a week. The 7% growth may not seem like much, but for Just Chatting, this figure is impressive, becoming the second trending game this week.

3. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” reaches third with a decent score: 3.4 million more streaming hours and up by booming +124%.

4. “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” discreetly takes fourth position, up 30% in terms of streaming hours in a week (3.1 million).

5. “Destiny 2” closes the top-5 ranking this week. Its score? It has doubled its viewing time in a week, with 1.8 million in total (+59.8%). CC