Researchers create human-like skin case for phones, tablets

Researchers create human-like skin case for phones, tablets

Researchers have developed artificial skin for interactive devices such as mobile phones, laptops and smart watches which would allow these gadgets to respond to touch.

Marc Teyssier created the product with his colleagues from Telecom Paris, Sorbonne University and the University of Bristol.

The invention called “Skin-On Interface” is programmed to understand different gestures, as seen in Teyssier’s video on YouTube on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

It also associates certain movements with specific human feelings; slapping is linked to anger while stroking is linked with providing comfort.

The prototypes come in two different styles: a simple, monotone version and an ultrarealistic option, which closely resembles human flesh. Both variants are made up of multiple layers, just like the human skin. They each consist of a layer of stretchable copper wire between two layers of silicone.

“Why skin on mobile devices?” Teyssier said in a post on Twitter last Friday, Oct. 18. “It [questions] the relation we have with our devices, and is also [a] good opportunity to improve emotional communication and enable expressive interaction with user interfaces.” JB