No ISIS threat in Bulacan — police

No ISIS threat in Bulacan — police

MANILA, Philippines — There is no threat of Islamic terrorists in Bulacan, Bulacan Police Provincial Office assured citizens of the province on Tuesday.

In a statement, Col. Chito Bersaluna, regional director of Bulacan police, said the PNP document circulating on social media showing an ISIS warning is only an unofficial and draft memorandum. 

“Hinggil sa kumakalat na memo tungkol ‘di umano sa ‘ISIS Affiliates’ ito ay draft memorandum lamang na intended for PNP personnel only. Makikitang wala po itong pirma na magpapatunay na ito ay hindi isang official document,” Bersaluna said.

Bersaluna said they will continue to investigate lapses on their “document and communication security” after the draft memorandum caused panic among the public.

Bersaluna also noted that police have not monitored any bomb threats in their province following the recent explosion in Sulu on Sunday.

He said Bulacan police will intensify its intelligence team to detect any terror threats in the province.

He noted that the police force in Bulacan is under “full alert” status over the weekend due to the week-long Singkaban Festival and an event of the Iglesia ni Kristo held at the Philippine Arena in Santa Maria, Bulacan. 

Bersaluna advised residents of Bulacan that they should not be alarmed as police will strengthen its forces to maintain safety in the province.

“There is no reason for us to be alarmed and to panic, as Bulacan police is on top of the situation. We are strengthening all our security measures to pre-empt any lawless acts and ensure the outmost safety and security of the Bulakeños,” he said. /je