Moon and Venus conjunction observed in PH

Moon and Venus conjunction observed in PH

MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos on Thursday observed a phenomenon in the night sky, where the Earth’s moon visibly went side by side with Venus.

The phenomenon, called a conjunction, is where the Moon and Venus shared the same right ascension, according to the UP Astronomical Society.

“From Quezon City, the pair will become visible around 6:17 PM as the dusk sky fades and will then sink towards the horizon at 9:04 PM,” the UP Astronomical Society previously said in a post last Feb. 3.

The conjunction was clearly visible not just in Quezon City, but also in other parts of the country as well.

Jeah Sacedon, 15, was able to take photos of the phenomenon while she was on her way home in Manila.

“Nakita ko po yung Moon and Venus sa sky habang sunset po, kaya I decided to take photos of it po,” Sacedon told in a private exchange on Twitter.

(I saw the Moon and Venus in the sky while at sunset, that’s where I decided to take photos.)

Princess Rogelle Serentas, 20, was also lucky to get a great view of the conjunction from her home in Alabel, Saranggani province.

Her photos, taken at 7:08 p.m., showed a closer look of the Moon and venus conjunction. Serentas’ photos were a hit among netizens as well, as her Twitter post earned 986 retweets and 1,955 likes, as of this writing.

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