Leukemia patient needs dental surgery due to medication effect

Leukemia patient needs dental surgery due to medication effect

When her grandson, Jared Cryz Bermundo, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2015, it was Evelyn who went to different charitable institutions to ask for financial help.

Evelyn, who is 59 years old, has long assumed the responsibility of looking after the 10-year-old boy and his two siblings because their parents are both busy with work.

“The kids stay with me because their parents work. Anyway, they just live nearby,” she told the Inquirer.

Froilan, the children’s father, is a truck driver while Nely, their mother, works in a factory of cell phone spare parts in Cabuyao City, Laguna province, where they all live.

Thanks to Evelyn and her persistence, she was able to raise enough money for Bermundo’s 14 chemotherapy sessions at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

However, one of the medicines prescribed for him has a side effect. It has caused bleeding in his mouth, leading to the decay of almost all of his teeth. As a result, Bermundo has trouble eating and speaking.

“I am appealing to your readers for help because Jared needs a dental operation to fix his teeth. We need P43,800 for his operation and laboratory tests. The combined salaries of his parents are not even enough for their daily needs,” Evelyn said.

The laboratory tests include a CT scan (P8,000), bone marrow (P8,000) and a 2D-echo (P2,800).