Julia Barretto and sister Claudia open up on dealing with controversies

Julia Barretto and sister Claudia open up on dealing with controversies

Julia Barretto and her younger sister Claudia gave a rare peek into their close relationship for the actress’ vlog yesterday, Nov. 15.

The two asked each other personal questions that they never talk about, such as what they feel about controversies and opinions about them.

Julia asked her sister, who is a college student pursuing a music career, on what makes her angry. Claudia responded, “One particular thing that comes to mind when you say ‘angry’ is when I see people that I love get hurt.”

“What do you feel whenever I’m caught up in a controversy or you hear rumors about me?” Julia asked. She did not mention any scandals, such as being an alleged in the relationship of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson.

“It makes me angry. Because I know you and I know your heart and I know your intentions and because people do not understand you the way that I do. Sometimes it surprises me how they can say certain things about you when they don’t really know much,” Claudia said.

“Even when you are so publicized because of your work, it still doesn’t capture half of what you are and that’s how I feel about everyone else in the family.”

The “Between Maybes” star said that even if she knows herself well, it gets to her when she hears negative things told to her frequently. Claudia advised, “When people have opinions about me that aren’t true, it affects me, but I don’t let it have an effect on me.”

Claudia asked her sister if she thinks she lives a meaningful life. Julia expressed hesitation at answering it, stating that she knows things could be said about her. Despite her reluctance, Julia said she thinks she has a meaningful life because of her family. “I think in every way I can, I get to serve my siblings, I get to serve my mother.”

Claudia assured Julia that she works hard and does her best to help their family, to the point that she gets emotional. “People don’t know that but you do that, you’re always there for us,” Claudia said.

“You’re so young. Most people your age, or my age, they don’t go through half the things we go through,” she said through tears.

Both agreed that the biggest influence in their lives is their mom, Marjorie Barretto. “I wouldn’t be the person I would be today without the things she instilled in us growing up,” said Julia.

“She’s the one person I know that can carry the most difficult situations with such grace,” Claudia said.

“I just don’t know how she’s standing up on her two feet. It’s insane,” Julia agreed.

When it comes to love, Claudia revealed that her sister is “sacrificial.” “You love very fiercely,” she told Julia.

Claudia said she believes that communication is key to a relationship and that “not everything has to be shared” about it.

“There is a different level [of understanding] in a relationship. As long as the faults aren’t so severely damaging, there is no reason to overshare,” she said, stating that she fixes things privately in her own relationship.

The intimate talk between the sisters comes amid an ongoing feud between their mom and her siblings Gretchen and Claudine Barretto. A word war ensued among the sisters on social media after a scuffle at their father’s , with Marjorie airing her side of the controversy in a national TV . Gretchen has also attacked and Julia’s older sister Dani in the spat. /ra