Elisse Joson emotional over birthday surprise from McCoy de Leon

Elisse Joson emotional over birthday surprise from McCoy de Leon

Elisse Joson could not help but tear up after receiving a thoughtful surprise from McCoy de Leon for her 25th birthday on Jan. 6.

The actress originally did not plan on sharing the gift online, but eventually decided to post it since it “really made [her] day.”

“A meaningful birthday gift from miles away,” Joson said on her Instagram page on the same day, alongside the 12-minute video compilation.

Though the two could not be together amid the ongoing pandemic, De Leon shared the surprise with her through a video call. The video began with clips of them together while De Leon sang in the background.

Following the short montage of their sweet moments, De Leon displayed personal greetings from Joson’s loved ones as well. Among them were fellow actors Sue Ramirez, Alexa Ilcad and Enzo Pineda, among others.

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The last greeting came from De Leon, who held back tears as he assured Joson that he loves her. The touching gesture also led Joson to cry as well, which she quipped were tears of joy.

After the video ended, Joson told De Leon that it was the “best gift ever.” She also took the time to thank all of her friends included in the surprise.

“It really means a lot seeing your greetings. Mahal ko kayo (I love you guys),” Joson expressed.

“And [of course] to [you], @mccoydeleon,” she added, “thank you for singing to me, for getting my friends’ messages together, and for making me the happiest today.”

The two first met back in 2016 when they both joined the TV reality show “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7.”  /ra