Duterte signs law on career guidance, counseling for high school

Duterte signs law on career guidance, counseling for high school

MANILA, Philippines — Students from public and private high schools across the country may now decide on their college courses more easily.

This as President Rodrigo Duterte signed Republic Act No. 11206 or the Secondary School Career Guidance and Counseling Act on Feb. 14. Malacañang released a copy of the law on Tuesday.

The law seeks to institutionalize a career guidance and counseling program for students in all public and private secondary schools across the country “to provide them proper direction” in pursuing a proper college education.

It also aims to equip high school students with the capability to make educated career decisions and ensure that they will meet the requirements of the government, industry and economy upon graduation.

The law also mandates the establishment of a National Secondary Schools Career Guidance and Counseling Program (CGCP) that will be administered by Department of Education (DepEd).

The department, along with other concerned government agencies, will also formulate, develop and review a Career Guidance and Counseling Instructional Module which will serve as the basic instructional material to guide the students.

All high schools must also establish CGCP centers to serve as a resource center for the CGCP implementation. The centers will be headed by the school administrator with the assistance of a trained career and employment guidance counselor.

DepEd will also conduct an annual National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) among public and private high school students nationwide “to assess and evaluate the aptitude, skill or inclination” of students in a particular field.

It will serve as a guide for the students in choosing their respective courses or career options. /je