Duterte on Trillanes: 'Trying to be a crusader but ignorant'

Duterte on Trillanes: 'Trying to be a crusader but ignorant'

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte slammed on Tuesday Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s penchant for commenting on “every issue,” saying that the lawmaker was just “trying to be a crusader but ignorant.”

The President made the remark as he recalled how Lacson and Vice President Leni Robredo criticized his claim that police officers could accept gifts of nominal value that were given by citizens out of gratitude.

“His penchant to just right away [make comments] in every issue… I think he’s running for President. But I would caution him to be more circumspect because there will come a time when those [comments] will be used by his enemies against him,” the President said during the oath-taking of League of Vice Governors of the Philippines in Malacañang.

“Sheer ignorance. Trying to be a crusader but ignorant,” he added.

Lacson, a former chief of the Philippine National Police, has often used social media to voice his opinions on some of the Duterte administration’s policies.

It was on Twitter where he chided Duterte for telling cops they could accept gifts and ignore anti-graft laws.

Last month, the President said there would be nothing wrong if police officers were to accept “gifts” from families grateful for their work, insisting that this could not be considered a violation of the law.

In another speech, the President also took a swipe at Robredo, who was among those who chastised his remark.

“I can forgive Lacson for coming out with an erroneous tongue,” he said. “But I can’t accept Robredo, who’s a lawyer.”

The President, who was a prosecutor, argued it was clearly stated Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Law that gifts of nominal value given out of gratitude could not be considered illegal.