Duterte admits having assorted ailment: It comes with old age

Duterte admits having assorted ailment: It comes with old age

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted he’s been suffering from illnesses that come with his being old and that his work as the nation’s top leader prevents him from taking a rest.

“Hindi ako maka-rest eh.Mag-uwi lang ako, magtulog lang ako ng dalawang araw kasi para to make up for the shortfall ika nga,” he said in a hastily called press briefing in Malacañang on Tuesday night.

(I cannot take a rest. I just go home and sleep for two days to make up for the shortfall).

Duterte had earlier complained of an “” in his spine after he fell from a motorcycle inside the Malacañang compound in October.

He then showed to reporters the bruises and scratches on his elbow.

“May injury ako. Gusto ninyong makita?  Itong visible ito o. The hematoma. When you are old, ang hematoma mo matagal ‘yan o. I walk with a limp pero wala naman akong fracture,“ he said.

(I have an injury. You want to see? This is visible. The hematoma. When you are old, your hematoma will last long. I walk with a limp but I have no fracture).

After his press briefing, he showed to reporters the bruises on his knees after his .

Previously, Duterte had revealed he had undergone colonoscopy and endoscopy. He also shared he’s been undergoing regular blood tests.

Duterte likewise admitted before that he’s been suffering from Buerger’s disease, migraine, and back pains – which he all attributed to his smoking during his youth.

“I am 74 years old. I’d like to talk to the people of the Philippines. I am 74 years old,” he said.

“Huwag na ninyo akong tanungin na kung may sakit ba ako. Kasi lahat ng 74 years old dito sa Pilipinas except for a few lahat may sakit na ‘yan. Mamili ka lang, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, kidney, lung cancer, cancer of the colon karamihan. ‘Yung lahat ng sakit na ‘yan, nandito na sa akin,” he added.

(Do not ask me anymore if I have an illness. Because all 74-years old in the Philippines except for a few have illnesses. You choose, hypertension, diabetes, kidney, lung cancer, mostly cancer of the colon. All of those illnesses are with me).

Despite this, the President said he would push through with his trip to South Korea this weekend.

Duterte will attend the 2019 Association of Southeast Asian Nations-Republic of Korea (Asean-ROK) Commemorative Summit in Busan on November 25 to 26.

“[W]hen I decided to travel outside, it presupposes that I think I still can,” he said.

“Hindi man ako ang makina. Mag-upo lang man ako doon basta bahala na ang eroplano,” he added.

(I am not the machine. I will just sit there and the airplane will take care of me).

Bilateral meetings

During his trip to Busan, Duterte said he would have bilateral meetings with state leaders.

He said he would discuss security matters with his counterparts.

“It is now the equilibrium of geopolitics. You know North Korea then the Spratly Islands. The South Koreans are also against the occupation of the South China Sea and the claim of China,” he said.

“This will be taken up because one day when we decide to really go for it, it will be the Western powers plus Seoul, plus Tokyo, and Australia. Malaysia I do not know if… I’m not sure of Malaysia if they’ll join the fray,” he added.

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