Dani Barretto to all those who insult Bela Padilla for being single: 'She doesn't need anyone's validation'

Dani Barretto to all those who insult Bela Padilla for being single: 'She doesn't need anyone's validation'

Dani Barretto just proved that she has got her friend Bela Padilla’s back.

The lifestyle and travel blogger defended the actress from netizens who insist the latter should already get married. This comes after Barretto got engaged to her boyfriend, Xavi Panlilio, over the weekend.


While Padilla happily shared on her Instagram post last Sunday, Feb. 17, that her best friend is getting married, she suddenly got bombarded with questions and congratulatory messages from fans followers — some of them thought she was the one who got engaged.

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My best friend’s getting married ❤️

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One netizen, @lalanganaimelyn, asked who was the lucky guy that caught Padilla’s heart. The actress corrected her, clarifying that she was not referring to herself in the photo.

Meanwhile, another netizen going by the handle @princesnicole3 found it ironic that Padilla, who played a in the proposal to Barretto, does not have a boyfriend.

“[Taga] plano ng [kasal] ng best friend pero sariling love life wala? [Sana] soon na miss bel [andaming nagkakakagusto] sayu [di lang kasi binibigyan] ng time,” the netizen commented.

(You plan the wedding of your best friend yet you do not have a love life? I hope you’ll have a boyfriend soon. Some are interested in you, it’s just that you don’t give them time.)

To that, Padilla retorted, “Ano pong point (What’s the point)?”

Another netizen, @abayon_phoenix, even teased Padilla about the matter: “Tapos ikaw po wala pa (boyfriend). Haha. Saklap.” (While you don’t even have a boyfriend. Haha. How sad).

“Sakto lang naman,” Padilla cooly replied. (It’s okay with me.)

Having had enough of the jeering comments, Padilla addressed the netizens in another Instagram post last Monday, Feb. 18.

“To stop the ‘when are YOU getting married’ comments, please enjoy this photo of me, not thinking of my future as much as you are,” the actress said.

Being the good friend that she is, Barretto defended Padilla.

“Seriously, ang daming nangengealam,” the Barretto said. “I swear, ang daming bored sa bahay. Sarap niyong putulan ng internet.”

(Seriously, a lot of people are know-it-alls. I swear, many of them are bored at home. How good it would be to get your internet connections cut off.)

“She doesn’t need a man to complete her. And she definitely doesn’t need validation from anyone,” Barretto asserted. “If may love life, eh di okay. If wala, so what?” (If one’s got a love life, fine. If none, so what?)

As Barretto’s last words, she challenged all those who insult Padilla for being single: “Don’t tell her what to feel or when to feel. Mind your own business. Now, fight me.”

Padilla was previously in a four-year relationship with director Neil Arce before their breakup in 2017. Arce is now the boyfriend of actress Angel Locsin. In an interview with Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub in January last year, Padilla admitted to having failed her relationship because she chose to focus on her career. Aside from being an actress, Padilla is also a writer and film producer. JB