Amid James-Nadine cheating rumors, Frankie Pangilinan wonders: 'Why is it never the man being attacked?'

Amid James-Nadine cheating rumors, Frankie Pangilinan wonders: 'Why is it never the man being attacked?'

While cheating rumors surround actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s separation, musician Frankie Pangilinan gave her two cents about the public’s treatment of infidelity.

Reid and Lustre officially announced their on the talk show “Tonight with Boy Abunda” last Monday, Jan. 20. What followed was a wave of speculation surrounding the couple’s split. Some recurring names that are mentioned are actress Yassi Pressman and her sister Issa, who was strung along as the supposed reason for the couple’s breakup.

Issa was on the top of Twitter’s trending topics after Lustre and Reid’s split as the speculated “third party.” A few days later, the “Ang Probinsyano” actress, Yassi, slammed the and also reaffirmed her friendship with Lustre.

Meanwhile, Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan’s daughter questioned on Twitter today, Jan. 23 why the public supposedly crucifies the third party and never the unfaithful partner.

“Why everyone always gotta attack the ALLEGED third party – who ALWAYS turns out to be a woman – in the situation?” she said. “Why is it never the man being attacked and always the SUPPOSED kabit (mistress)?”

She also took a swipe at some netizens for invading other’s private affairs.

“Firstly, how y’all even know all that about people’s private lives?” she stated. “Stop making up stories to fuel [your] boredom.”

Pangilinan said that it should be “the one who committed himself into a relationship” who is responsible for staying faithful.

Pangilinan also clarified that in the hypothetical situation that a man cheated with another woman, the third party is still at fault but is not solely to blame.

“[I’m] not saying the girl should be without fault [I’m] saying it’s always pinned on the third party aggressively,” Pangilinan said earlier today. “And if that must be the case, why isn’t it the one who was in the relationship in the first place?”

On the other hand, Reid to Yassi and Issa for getting included in his breakup. Lustre also sent her love to the sisters through a comment on Yassi’s Instagram post yesterday, Jan. 22. She , “Love u both.” NVG