Alex Gonzaga joined by family in Amanpulo honeymoon

Alex Gonzaga joined by family in Amanpulo honeymoon

Alex Gonzaga may already be living in wedded bliss, but her family is still very much in the picture — even when it comes to her honeymoon with husband Mikee Morada.

The actress recorded her trip to the island resort Amanpulo in a vlog released yesterday, Jan. 23. Besides Morada, Alex’s parents Pinty and Bonoy, sister Toni and her husband Paul Soriano along with their son Seve joined the vacation, turning it into a “familymoon.”

Unlike previous trips, such as when Alex and Morada traveled to Hong Kong — where they got engaged — the couple got their own room in the resort. However, even if they had their privacy, Alex had to vie for attention from her husband’s favorite mobile game, Call of Duty.

Among Alex’s amusing commentary was tips on how to survive on Amanpulo without buying the resort’s expensive food, such as skipping merienda or not buying any of the fruit juices.

Besides spending time with Morada, Alex also got to bond with her family, such as by getting a massage with her mom and sister.

During a scenic boat ride around the island, Alex admitted that the vacation was made better with her family.

“Sa totoo lang, dahil hindi naman kami mahilig sa beach ni Mikee, hindi ito magiging super sayang experience without mommy and daddy, kasama si Seve,” she said.

(To be honest, because Mikee and I are not fond of the beach, this would not be a happy experience without mommy and daddy, as well as Seve.)

She also said that she had dreamed of inviting Morada to their family trips and planned the vacation after they got married because she knew that Morada would be allowed by her parents to join them then.

Both Toni and Alex have been diligent in following their parents’ strict dating rules, such as having no trips alone with boyfriends. For Toni, it took before she and Soriano had an overnight trip together.

Mikee to Alex in front of her parents in December 2019. The two in the Gonzagas’ Rizal home in November 2020. JB