Want to have Catriona Gray's always gorgeous, fresh-looking locks?

Want to have Catriona Gray's always gorgeous, fresh-looking locks?

MANILA, Philippines — Whether slaying the runway or attending charitable events, Catriona Gray is a true queen. Her Miss Universe 2018 title doesn’t just function in name but also in virtues she upholds every day.

An epitome of the modern Filipina, Catriona is indeed working hard for the good of humanity. And wherever she is in the globe, her gorgeousness and freshness always stays, especially when it comes to her precious locks.

What’s her secret? A hair conditioner that works just as hard as she does: the new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh.

In a recent Instagram post, she said, “My work is always unpredictable! Travelling to three different climates and three different time zones this month alone. Good thing I'm equipped with an #IntenseButLight fix to keep my hair hydrated despite the different climates: humid, cold, dry! Love using the new @creamsilkph Hydra Fresh especially when I'm under intense conditions! #CreamSilkDestinations

The importance of conditioner to hair

With Catriona as the new face of Cream Silk Hydra Fresh, the brand wishes to encourage Filipinas to go back into conditioning their hair and better understanding its benefits.

In fact, according to the findings of dermatologists Pachal D’Souza and Sanjay Rathi published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, conditioners have essential components that maintain manageability, gloss, antistatic properties, and even control split ends.

Using conditioner is a definite part of the arsenal when it comes to hair care. However in a tropical country like ours, the weather can be unforgiving. As a result, some women opt out of this step.

Apart from the heat of summer and the humidity during the monsoons, other complaints about the use of conditioners involve the hair feeling greasy and heavy especially when also exposed to sweat, dust, and pollution.

Another reported reason for ditching hair conditioners is that they are time consuming—common formulations are hard to rinse off and even harder to dry after a shower, which results to clumped-together hair.

This is why experts over at Cream Silk have listened to these woes and developed the revolutionary Cream Silk Hydra-Fresh.

Packed with the latest Hydra-Collagen Technology, the new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh is the lightest and freshest conditioner yet. It gets instantly absorbed into hair for hydration and prevents dryness all day long.

This premium, light conditioner comes with a water-based formula that staves of the heavy and greasy feeling. With a light gel texture, not only does it promote quick absorption but also an easy-rinse formulation.

Now you can do away with the labor of taking too much time rinsing your hair or damaging it with the overuse of a blow dryer.

Feel the intense hydration that’s unbelievably light. Upgrade to the new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh.

The new Cream Silk HydraFresh Conditioner is now available in 10ml sachets, 150ml and 300ml bottles for P6.50, P149, P259 SRP respectively, in all leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide, as well as online through Lazada, Shopee and Watsons. For more information, visit