This young designer's winning terno collection embodies women empowerment

This young designer's winning terno collection embodies women empowerment


Ending the spectacular display of the Philippine pride at Ternocon 2020 is the announcement of winner Hannah Adrias. The young designer was born and raised in Pasay City. She then took fashion design at Slim’s Fashion and Arts School. “My collection is about women empowerment,” said Hannah to Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Its color combination hails from the military concept.”


Hannah Adrias (center)

In 2015, Hannah was among the few student’s selected by the school’s director to design ternos for celebrities attending the launch of Bench’s Fashionable Filipinas book by Mark Lewis Higgins and Gino Gonzales, who’s also the project director of Ternocon 2020.




She was also involved in the execution of Higgins’ complex costume designs for Ballet Philippines’ Firebird. In 2016, she was offered a Bespoke Tailoring scholarship at Slim’s. This immersion in the rudiments of tailoring ignited her passion for designing menswear, which was evident on her three-piece collection for Ternocon.


“The terno has been there ever since. It’s bad to see that in the future it will be gone,” she said. “I want the younger generation to wear the terno and not see it as a costume but something they could wear everyday.”

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