This festival lets you support plant sellers affected by Taal volcano’s eruption

This festival lets you support plant sellers affected by Taal volcano’s eruption

By Angela Casco

Now more than ever, Philippine Horticulture Society’s plant festival, Horti Filipina, needs the support of plant enthusiasts and curious horticulturists as many of its returning participants are sellers affected by Taal volcano’s recent destructive eruption.

About 80% of the festival’s participants are from provinces such as Batangas, Cavite, Quezon, and Laguna, whose plants and produce were severely affected by the ashfall that came with the volcano’s eruption earlier last week.

“A lot of our sellers have been with us for so many years and when Taal erupted last January 12, we were wondering if we should push through. We asked them and they did want to continue,” Nelson Cabangon, the organization’s president, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Why, you ask? It’s because it’s better than sulking over what happened. Those that we can manage to sell, we bring here to help everyone earn.”


As per usual, this year’s edition of Horticulture Filipina offers all the needs and wants of every plant-hungry Filipino in one place, from succulents perfect for decorating the home or office space to fruits and vegetables ready for backyard planting.

“Coming here and purchasing from the participants will be like supporting the independent and small-scale businesses badly hit by the eruption,” says Tiffany Chan, the organization’s treasurer. “Not only will buyers help them financially, they are also doing so emotionally.”

Horti Filipina: The Garden Show runs from January 24 – February 2 at the C1 Park, Bonifacio High Street.