These fun prenup photos show the reality of married life

These fun prenup photos show the reality of married life

By Jessica Pag-iwayan

Prenup photoshoots often show the glamorous side of the engaged couple: Might it be their fairytale dream, a showcase of their passion, or even a sneak peek into their funny and quirky sides.

For Cebuano couple named Angelie Jean and Paul Ernest, they chose to show a glimpse of the realities of married life in their prenup photoshoot. 




Their adorable and heartwarming photos were first shared by their photographer Gail Geriane, and it’s getting attention online now.

The couple’s prenup shows the different tasks married couples do at home such as washing dirty clothes, cooking meals, and taking care of each other.

“Been dying to share this prenup I did last month in Cebu! When miss Angelie Jean asked me if we could keep the shoot as natural and authentic as possible, I knew I was in for a really fun engagement session,” Gail says in a Facebook post.

According to the report, today, Jan. 8, is the wedding day of this wonderful couple. Best wishes!

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