Sarah G's 4 favorite songs that describe her life now

Sarah G's 4 favorite songs that describe her life now

Just like any newlywed, singer-actress Sarah Geronimo has admitted to having a tough time adjusting to being a wife to actor-triathlete Matteo Guidicelli.

“It feels good. It makes me happy. Nakakapanibago. I really had adjustments to make because I’m already a married person,” said the Popstar Princess during her virtual launch on Monday afternoon as the face of the “Help Up Your Immunity” campaign of Stada Group Philippines’ food supplement Fern C.

Much has been written about her controversial “surprise” wedding to Matteo last February, especially because her parents were not invited and did not approve of it. Until today, the pop superstar has remained mum about the issue.

She, however, was game in answering questions related to Matteo.

When asked which of her songs best describes her life as Matteo’s wife, she answered “Forever’s Not Enough.”

“If you really love someone, you hope it will last beyond forever,” explained Sarah.

When made to choose between an “actor” and a “racer,” Sarah said: “Pwede both? My husband is both an actor and a racer.” Matteo used to be a champion kart racer.

Sarah celebrated her 32nd birthday on July 25. She is “thankful for the gift of life.”

“I don’t just prioritize my health, but also of those I love. I go out to work—and we know that it’s not yet safe out there—and then I come home to them. That’s why it’s important to be healthy, so you can better protect the people you care about,” she said as to why it’s important to boost one’s immunity.

“Perfect” was the song she thought of when asked to describe her health. “I recently had a checkup and everything is OK—my sugar level, my blood pressure. I also just had a vaccine for the flu.”

Sarah further shared that “What’s Up?,” by 4 Non Blondes, is her favorite song to sing in the shower, while her own viral dance hit “Tala,” is her favorite song to sing during a car ride.

As an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, she said she has learned to be more appreciative of “the good things done to me by others. I acknowledge these things and show my gratitude.”

“I draw inspiration from this, as well as from my work,” Sarah added. “I value it more now, especially because I know that many have lost their jobs and not all are given the same opportunities I’m given. With what’s happening now, tomorrow is not promised.”