Plump Trump still in very good health

Plump Trump still in very good health

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump is technically obese and has put on weight since last year, but his official doctor declared him on Thursday to be in “very good health.”

The presidential physician, Sean Conley, said Trump, 72, passed his medical exam last week with flying colors.

“It is my determination that the president remains in very good health overall,” he said in a brief statement.

Trump, who has confounded health experts with his penchant for junk food and avoidance of strenuous exercise, weighs 110 kilograms (243 pounds), the report said.

A little bulkier

This is a little bulkier than the 108 kg recorded last year, which was already considered too much. The resting heart rate has gone up, too, at 70 beats a minute, compared to 68 beats last year.

Dr. Theodore Strange, associate chair of medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in New York, said after reviewing the findings that Trump was technically obese.

The results “show a 72-year-old male who meets criteria for obesity with a BMI (body mass index) of 30,” Strange said.

That contributes to the fact that “his cardiac risk scores are higher than normal,” Strange said in a statement. However, the president is “in good health despite being mildly obese.”

Trump has a history of high cholesterol, and this year the dosage of his anticholesterol medicine rosuvastatin was raised from a low 10 milligrams a day to 40 mg, Conley said.

Unhealthy lifestyle

“There were no findings of significance or changes to report on his physical exam, including the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth/gums, heart, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal, and neurologic systems,” Conley’s medical summary said.

Trump may have an unhealthy lifestyle and a stressful job, but on the plus side he doesn’t smoke. He says he’s never even had a beer.

Trump has described his chief exercise as walking around the White House compound and standing up at public events. A slightly more active pastime is his beloved golf. —AFP