Official says 4 execom members part of 'mafia' in PhilHealth

Official says 4 execom members part of 'mafia' in PhilHealth

MANILA, Philippines — An incumbent board member of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) has tagged four high-ranking officials as part of a “mafia” within the agency.

During Tuesday’s Senate committee of the whole investigation into the alleged massive corruption in PhilHealth, Alejandro Cabading, a member of the agency’s board of directors, identified several of his colleagues in fraudulent and corrupt schemes within the state health insurance firm.

Cabading named PhilHealth Senior Vice President (SVP) for Legal Sector Atty. Rodolfo del Rosario; SVP for Management Services Sector Dennis Mas; SVP for Fund Management Sector Renato Limsiaco; and PhilHealth Board of Directors Corporate Secretary Atty. Jonathan Mangaoang as members of the so-called PhilHealth mafia.

“These are members of the executive committee…these are the people who have influence inside,” he said.

The sitting board member said he sought help from senators regarding the alleged irregularities in PhilHealth because they are limited to solve the corruption from the inside.

“We’re trying to solve it inside,” Cabading said.

Earlier in the hearing, recently resigned PhilHealth anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Montes Keith also claimed that a of the agency’s funds through various schemes.

Similar to Cabading, Keith said the mafia is composed of PhilHealth executive committee members.

But one of the officials Cabading named as part of the mafia turned the tables on him.

First, Del Rosario, who was also present during the Senate investigation, denied involvement in any fraudulent schemes allegedly perpetrated in PhilHealth.

“I deny that I’m a member of any syndicate in this corporation. We have been fighting against corruption and against people who are actually committing grave abuses in this corporation,” Del Rosario told senators.

He then threatened Cabading of “necessary” legal actions should the latter fail to substantiate his allegations.

Del Rosario likewise said he would expose to senators in an executive session the anomalies involving Cabading.

“He should not just take for granted ‘yung mga tao po dito na ia-annouce na miyembro po kami ng sindikato, kami nga po ‘yung lumalaban sa sindikato dito,” Del Rosario said, referring to the others who were also named as supposed PhilHealth mafia members.

“Ano ‘yung basis ni Mr. Cabading na kami ‘yung sindikato eh siya nga ‘yung may ginagawang kalokohan eh, sasabihin namin during the executive session,” he added.