LIST: 6 super nutrients for your adulting goals

LIST: 6 super nutrients for your adulting goals

MANILA, Philippines — The New Year brings with it new beginnings. So even as the new normal persists in our daily lives, let's welcome new opportunities to better ourselves and advance our aspirations. In this pursuit, “diskarte” is king.

Young working adults, of course, know this. That’s why many juggle different jobs and commitments, hustling to get ahead and be one step closer to achieving their many goals.

But to keep this up, they need to take care of themselves. One way is to get proper nutrition for stronger body and better immunity.

To achieve their goals and prevent nutritional gaps, here are the nutrients needed so they can boost their health and productivity.

1. Iron

Iron is responsible for getting enough oxygen delivered throughout the body—the muscles, the different organs, and especially the heart and brain. Not having enough of it leads to anemia, causing weakness and shortness of breath.

2-3. Vitamin C and Zinc

These nutrients give us stronger immunity. Together, they prevent damage and boost collagen production, wound healing, and absorption of iron, as well as lessen the duration of certain illnesses, like flu.

6 super nutrients for your adulting goals
Get proper nutrition for stronger body and better immunity.

4. B vitamins

B vitamins are essential to overall bodily functions including production and growth of red blood cells, improvement of brain and digestive functions, as well as nerve response.

5-6. Calcium and Vitamin D

Both nutrients promote bone and dental health as well as muscular nerve function, and blood clotting. They prevent osteoporosis and lessen the incidence of fracturing.


At a time when everything seems stuck at a standstill, many choose to persevere. What better way to help them advance in their careers than with a good milk drink that has all of these nutrients mentioned above and more.

BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS is the powdered milk drink to go for.

And because BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS recognizes the challenges of young adults, this year, it has fortified its product to meet the needs of the young working adults.

6 super nutrients for your adulting goals

Besides having 100% B and C vitamins, it has now more Iron and more Zinc—all essential nutrients to give strength and immunity. This is to keep them going throughout the day with stronger resistance.

Pave the way to success, point toward happy and healthy adulting. Adulting is kayang-kaya with the help of the new and improved BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS.

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