Jinri Park hits back at fiance's bashers: Go get a life

Jinri Park hits back at fiance's bashers: Go get a life

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the joy and flowing congratulatory messages for Korean actress-model Jinri Park and partner John’s engagement, there were still individuals keen on spoiling the couple’s special moment.

Jinri Park and John (Screengrab from The Jinri Experience on Youtube

Park lamented that “mean comments” directed at her fiance’ after she announced their engagement.

“I don’t mind you haters commenting shit about me, but leave my boyfriend alone. He didn’t do anything to deserve your stupid comments,” Park said in a series of Instagram stories Wednesday.

“And no, he’s not rich but he loves me and has the most beautiful heart and that’s all I need. Go get a life,” she added.

Park announced her engagement to John in a Youtube video posted Monday.

The 31-year-old actress-model also said she is thankful and happy to be marrying a Filipino.

“I’m grateful I found a Filipino guy because I can always have a part of the Philippines, a place I called home with me in my heart. Excited for this next chapter of my life,” Park said. /gsg