Here's why you should get Maxicare's prepaid emergency health card

Here's why you should get Maxicare's prepaid emergency health card

MANILA, Philippines — Life is indeed full of surprises—both good and bad. This year has given us plenty, don’t you agree? If there's one thing that stood out in a time like this, it's that there’s gold in securing your healthcare needs.

“Dapat advance mag-isip!” as Maxicare would put it.

Illnesses and accidents can happen to anyone at any time. To add insult to injury, they can break the bank if you’re unprepared. Just a few days of hospital confinement can cost tens of thousands. Imagine the number of people ending up with all that medical debt.

It’s a horrifying situation to be in, where not only your physical body suffers but even your finances.

Good thing there’s Maxicare EReady Advance.

Best prepaid health card

With Maxicare EReady Advance, you can rest assured that if anything happens, there’s an emergency health card to rely on.

As one of Maxicare’s continuing efforts to give its members peace of mind and help them live their best lives, Maxicare EReady Advance was launched last June. It’s a medical emergency prepaid health card that provides a one-time coverage of up to P50,000, including those requiring confinement in a regular private room.

It comes with free consultations with General Practitioners, Internal Medicine doctors, Family Medicine doctors, and Pediatricians (for minors) in Maxicare Primary Care Centers.

No need to line up to get a Letter of Approval and waiting time only takes 6 minutes on average in their well-ventilated facility that comes with a coffee bar. Get a quick virtual tour of their primary care center here.

What’s more, purchasing is hassle-free via a one-time payment with no paperwork required. You can then register through SMS or online.

Even better is that Maxicare EReady Advance has additional benefits like free virtual consultation via 24/7 Teleconsult, domestic and international travel emergency assistance through Assist America for members traveling more than 150km from their place of residence, exclusive discounts with Maxicare’s lifestyle partners, and so on. Even pre-existing conditions are covered as well.

All these you can get for as low as P2,950 with Maxicare EReady Titanium.

For an upgraded plan, you can opt for the Platinum type for P3,950, which offers access to the six major hospitals in Metro Manila in addition to the Maxicare-affiliated hospitals nationwide already included in the Titanium variant.

Gone are the days when an unexpected medical bill becomes a financial burden. Now, you can put your worries to rest because Maxicare EReady Advance is here for your immediate emergency treatment, hospital confinement, and consultation needs.

If you want to get Maxicare EReady Advance, you can purchase via Maxicare Store, Lazada and Shopee.

To learn more, visit or call Maxicare's Product Inquiry Hotline at (02) 7798-7770.