Filipino designer finds 'missing' dress on Miss Universe bet Gazini Ganados

Filipino designer finds 'missing' dress on Miss Universe bet Gazini Ganados

MANILA, Philippines — After years of looking for his missing dress, Filipino international designer Lesley Mobo was surprised to have found the dress online and being worn by Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados. 

In his Facebook account, the London-based designer posted a photo of the Philippine representative wearing a red dress he designed. 

“What would u do if u…find your missing archive dress suddenly being worn by a beauty queen and u’r not even aware of it…and not even credited. I think she looks good of it…but…could do with a little help.. been looking for it since 2015 (how it landed there?).how can I get it back? should I buy it back? can I even buy it back?” Lesley wrote in the caption. 

In another post, Lesley posted a screenshot of an online shopping site selling his dress. He asked his Facebook friends for the website of the online store. 

“Omg someone just sent this to me..someone out there is letting or selling this gown? But with a retail price? How come? Hindi naman for sale ang damit? What website is this please! Can I buy it privately?” Lesley said. 

The designer has taken down his posts.

Gazini posted the photo of her wearing the dress last July 29 in her Instagram account with the caption, “Maayong Buntag!” 

She credited BJ Pascual for the photo, Anthea Bueno for the makeup, Aries Manal for hair and Qurator Studio and Pam Quiñones for the styling.