Easy to do refreshments you can try this hot season

Easy to do refreshments you can try this hot season


In case you missed it, there is no summer in the Philippines. Yup! That was confirmed by the Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). If you can still recall your Sibika class back during elementary days,  we only have two seasons in the country, the rainy and dry season. We might have confused things a bit due to human’s sin of global warming. Rainy season happens between July and November and dry season from December to May.

It’s getting hot and we know it. With the enhanced community quarantine in place, we are all home to feel the full brunt of it.

To cool down, we’ve rounded up quick and refreshing thirst quenchers you can easily do at home. They’re cheap, they bring down cabin fever, and they’re fun to do with the kids. Well, only the non-alcoholic ones.



Lemonade is an all-favorite sunny day drink. Make it even more exciting by coloring it pink. Do not worry, no artificial food coloring is involved in this drink. What you need is a few lemons, kalamansi is a perfect alternative, talbos ng kamote, ice, and honey for sweetness.

Juice out the lemon or kalamansi and set it aside. Boil the talbos ng kamote. As it simmers, the leaves will tint the water pink without adding flavor to the water. Remove the leaves (keep it and serve it with bagoong, a good side dish for fried fish) and let the pink water cool. Then mix it with the citrus juice, add ice and honey, and you have a tall glass of pink lemonade.


You could never go wrong with pineapple this season. Whether juiced or eaten as it is, pineapple can give you that refreshing taste, plus it is rich in fiber. To make a next level drink out of it, why not mix it with Yakult that teems with probiotics and Lactobacillus to aid digestion?

Get a few slices of pineapple, a bottle of Yakult, and pour over crushed ice. Your tummy will thank you for it.


What is a trip to the beach without watermelon?  Watermelon is perfect for this season as, made up of 92 percent water, it is a great source of lycopene which reduces the risks of cancer. Making it a drink is a no-fuss effort. Just store slices of watermelon in the freezer. When hardened, put it in a blender. You can add honey and lime juice before blending the slices. After a few blitz, you have a cup of sweet, red, and powder-like snow. Garnish it with tiny leaves of mint for an extra touch.


The it-drink no matter what season, mango sago never fails to quench our thirst for summertime goodness. Filipino’s love affair with mango is undeniable, whether the sour green kind or the sweet ripe mango. This recipe requires the vibrant yellow ripe mango. Combine it with evaporated milk in a blender and blitz until smooth then refrigerate. The joy of this drink comes from its textures. You can top the mango mixture with diced mangoes, sweetened tapioca pearls, or cube jelly.



Commonly known as shembot, this low-budget drink is a passed-on recipe from one dormitory to another. All you need is powdered melon juice, any type of instant brown coffee, gin, and some ice. Who would have thought melon and coffee would go great together? If you want to lessen the alcohol, carefully light the bottle of the gin to burn some of it.


No blender, no shaking, just two drinks combined as one. Rum coke is an easy drink to do. Just pour in half a cup of rum and fill the other half with coke. Viola! It’s a perfect combination. You can make it extra with a slice and a few drops of lime.


Want to spice up your afternoon tea? Then try putting some vodka in it. Tea with gin is the epitome of multitasking. You’ll get your herbal dose from your brewed tea while starting a party with vodka. It relieves stress and improves hair growth and skin complexion. Mix in tea and vodka, add lemon and ice, for sweetness. Drop some honey or simple syrup into the mix.

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