Duterte denies Singapore trip, saying: It's none of your business

Duterte denies Singapore trip, saying: It's none of your business

MANILA, Philippines —  President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday railed against those who spread a rumor that he flew to Singapore, stressing that they should not care and that he had the right to travel just like any other Filipino.

“Stop this nonsense of me going to Singapore if at all. Wala kayo pakialam kung gusto ko pumunta,” Duterte said in a taped address.

[It’s none of your business if I want to go.]

The President earlier debunked rumors that he flew to Singapore over the weekend for emergency treatment, saying he had been .

Duterte also noted that he would never use public funds for travel for a “private undertaking.”

“If I want to go to Singapore, I will go to Singapore. If it is a private undertaking or if I want to attend the burial of a friend or pay a visit to the wake, I will go there. Fly in, fly out,” Duterte said

“If I want to leave, I will leave. I don’t have to keep it a secret because I will not be using any government funds. That’s not my habit,” he went on, speaking partly in Filipino.

And just like a regular citizen of the country, Duterte said he had a guaranteed right to travel.

“I am under no obligation to travel in secret and not telling the republic at all. I am a citizen of this country, the right to travel is guaranteed. If it’s guaranteed for you, it’s guaranteed for me,” he said.

The President’s former aide, Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go, likewise by sharing a photo of Duterte having a meal with his family.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque also denied reports of Duterte flying out of the country. He also assured that Duterte was in good health.