DokToYou: Welcome to the future of medicine!

DokToYou: Welcome to the future of medicine!

MANILA, Philippines — Today, safety guidelines can be seen everywhere. We are constantly advised to disinfect surfaces, wear protective gear when going out, eat healthy meals, and stay at home as much as possible. Regardless of the current situation, health and safety should be given utmost priority.

Health concerns that vary from simple aches to complications and other serious illnesses ail us all throughout our lives. Because of this, we cannot let anything push us into neglecting our overall health.

Good thing we now have DokToYou. This telemedicine app offers medical consultations through video chat.

Save time by not having to commute to the clinic and instead get a consult from the comfort of your home. The team behind DokToYou is comprised of Primary Health Care specialists and other specialists who are more than happy to deliver quality medical health care.

Benefits of using DokToYou

Let us maximize the use of technology in our pursuit of optimal health. By using the DokToYou telemedicine app, everyone can enjoy the different benefits of online consultation:

  • Time-saving and efficient: The DokToYou app is available anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone to access quality medical health care. There is absolutely no need for you to hassle yourself by going out. In the new normal, telemedicine apps like DokToYou is a good option to stay healthy and safe.
  • User-friendly experience: You don’t have to be tech-savvy in order to use the DokToYou app, since it’s designed to be user-friendly. Just download the app and register, then choose the medical specialist that is right for your needs. Afterward, you can book an appointment, pay the fee, and enjoy quality health care.
  • Online prescriptions: Prescriptions are furnished and viewable online, which you can then present to your nearest local pharmacy.
  • Easy online payment: DokToYou accepts online payments through Gcash, GrabPay, PayMaya, Paypal, and major credit cards.

Let us enjoy quality health care together!

For more information about this amazing telemedicine app, check out their website at Download the app now via Android or iOS.