Angel Locsin's plus-size Darna art goes viral

Angel Locsin's plus-size Darna art goes viral

MANILA, Philippines — Social media users reacted positively on a Darna sketch by a graphic designer showing a chubby Angel Locsin in a Darna costume. 

Artist Klayton Ramos posted on his Facebook account his sketch of a chubby Angel in a Darna costume. 

According to a Pep report, Klayton said the real Darna, just like Angel, thinks that her body is only secondary to her desire to help others in need. 

"Darna is just an ordinary girl. She aims to help no matter what other people would think of her as long as she can be a catalyst to this world," Klayton explained. 

"She is careless about her body as long as she can help other people. Like Angel Locsin, the real-life Darna, hindi niya kailangan ng papuri dahil ang importante sa kanya ay ang makatulong sa kapwa."

Facebook users commented on the post, which currently has 51,000 reactions and 26,000 shares. 

"I see a real superhero in this picture. A modern day pinay superhero. Atleast Angel Locsin is a real superhero, while Darna is just a fictional character. Salute to you maam," a Facebook user commented. 

"This is a true darna. It just portray that being darna dont just see the way you looks but it sees the way your soul shine because of your kindness and quality as a person," another user commented. 

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