What Sayaw ng Buhay means for a self-confessed 'old soul'

What Sayaw ng Buhay means for a self-confessed 'old soul'

While he listens to the latest music from different genres such as R&B, ballad and jazz, Vincent Jao III always finds himself going back to the classics. They give him “some chill vibe” whenever he is busy or stressed out.

“I am a fan of classic songs,” said the 19-year-old self-confessed “old soul,” one of RJA Productions, LLC’s pioneering signees, who made his first recording in early February with Eden Rose as his debut single.

“The music from way back when I wasn’t born yet is very interesting,” he added. “I love the melodies…truly unique. I also compare them to the music in the present time, but I still prefer listening to the old songs. And that is important for a musician to never forget what music has been made in the past because it is part of the music that we are appreciating now.”

Vincent decided to pursue a career in the music industry because of his love for music. He couldn’t believe when he was given the chance to “fine-tune my craft with the help of RJA Productions that promotes OPM and supports Filipino talents, led by our executive producer who is also my aunt, Tita Rosabella Jao-Arribas.”

He added, “I’m looking forward to many more years with them. My first single Eden Rose was immediately followed by Sayaw ng Buhay which was released last Sept. 3. These rare opportunities develop my starting skills and potentials as a young artist, and that my passion in music becomes stronger.”

Sayaw ng Buhay, available for streaming in all digital music stores, was composed by Nathaniel Cabanero, mixed and mastered by Jun Albert Tamayo, and with back-up vocals by Arnie Mendaros. Vincent loves the new single because it does not only focus on romantic relationships. “Sayaw ng Buhay is more of a song of hope for everyone. In our everyday lives, we face different problems, big or small challenges. Admit it or not, we always come to a point where we feel tired and uncertain. But here is Sayaw ng Buhay reminding us that no matter how big the waves that may come to our lives, or how heavy the problem or the situation is, we should dance with the waves and be flexible. Because it is only if you are flexible and responsive to changes in life that you will have the key to survive.”

The Sorsogon crooner, who inherited his love for the oldies from his dad, looks up to music icons Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé.

“My family has allowed me to develop that love for music and live in a nurturing environment where I can play keyboard/piano and guitar,” said Vincent. “I love working, especially when it is aligned to my passion or interest. I really enjoy singing and it makes me happy all the time. Sometimes, it’s just tiring to make music every day. That’s my weakness. But over time, I still learn to just enjoy the moment or process in order for me to not feel tired or exhausted.”

Speaking of feeling like an “old soul,” Vincent was pleased to learn that his idol Daniel Padilla also appreciates old songs. “I am not fully aware that DJ Padilla is an old soul. But I have seen one of his performances in ASAP singing Moon River, which is one of the best classic songs. I am a fan of his other songs or covers. Our music is similar somehow,” he said, also citing DJ’s girlfriend and loveteam partner Kathryn Bernardo as his celebrity crush.

“I also want to collaborate with Moira dela Torre because I really admire people who have the ability to write a song and Moira is one of them. I do love her type of music because it gives me chill and I feel relaxed,” added Vincent.

Meanwhile, he dreams of performing at the SMART Araneta Coliseum one day. “It is one of my dreams,” he said, “hopefully in God’s time. And if acting opportunities open up for me, I would love to be involved in this field. I also wish to finish college and make my parents proud. Even though I am still studying, I know how to balance my schooling and career. I plan to do live streams more often as my way of taking a break from my academic workload.”