Vhong Navarro trends following Kat Alano's rape posts vs 'rhymes with wrong'

Vhong Navarro trends following Kat Alano's rape posts vs 'rhymes with wrong'

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Kat Alano revealed why she didn’t pursue the case against the actor who allegedly raped her in 2014.

In her Twitter account, Kat said that she didn’t file a case because her alleged rapist’s uncle made sure that the case will be dismissed.

“BTW, for everyone asking why I never filed. His uncle made sure that all cases against him would be dismissed,” she said.

"I found this out first hand. Also they have been waiting to file a case against me to silence me & discredit me in the media, knowing I could never get justice by filing,” she added.

Kat joined the #HijaAko movement on Twitter against victim blaming. The #HijaAko trended after singer Frankie Pangilinan lambasted broadcaster Ben Tulfo on his remarks on rape.

Kat revealed that she was wearing T-shirt and jeans when she was raped by a "still famous celebrity" whose name “Rhymes with Wrong."

"When I was raped by #rhymeswithwrong still famous celebrity who had smear campaigns to destroy my career&raped many more,i was wearing a Tshirt and jeans," she wrote.

"He drugged me too,so trying to take my jeans off was difficult for him.Hard to rape an unconscious person in jeans. #HijaAko," she added.

Because of her exposes, "Vhong Navarro" became a top trending Twitter topic on Thursday, with Internet users expressing mixed reactions on the issue.

"Tagal mo na sinasabi na narape ka. Puro blind item. Ikaw lang pwede magdemanda hindi ang mga tao na sumusuporta sayo. Kumilos ka demanda mo na, para matapos na," an Internet user commented on Kat's Instagram post that simply said "#rhymeswithwrong."

"This is so disgusting, ikulong na 'yan!" a Twitter user said.

Navarro has not yet released a new statement on the issue.

It was January 2014 when Alano began posting about her alleged rapist. In April that year, her fellow disc jockey Mo Twister hinted that the culprit's name "rhymes with wrong."

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