Heart Evangelista opens up about superficial friendships in showbiz

Heart Evangelista opens up about superficial friendships in showbiz

MANILA, Philippines — Heart Evangelista spilled more tea as her 38-minute, fourth episode of her "Adulting" series continued.

Uploaded last Sunday evening, January 10, on her YouTube channel Love Marie Escudero, the actress shared how she feels about being "ghosted" or left without notice or closure by a lover or a friend.

It all started when she threw the question of outgrowing friends to her husband, Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero. 

Chiz shared that the best way to test that one had not outgrown one's friends is whenever they each see other, it's as if they had met each other yesterday instead of years of being apart or having no communication at all. He also revealed that his most trusted friends are those who he kept since his elementary and high school days and who will be by his side "come hell or high water." 

After her husband spoke, Heart revealed that she has what she calls "taping friends."

"Ako naman, what I call them is taping friends. Parang we're only friends during taping. But, like that was before," she shared.

When Chiz asked if some developed into real friendships, she pondered for a moment and revealed more without naming names. 

"Yeah, some develop into real friendships but I must admit it does make me sad whenever I think about friendships that all of a sudden aren't there anymore. You don't know what you did wrong, you know like gi-nosting ka. I don't understand that. Honestly, me, kasi I don't have a lot of friends so when I have a friend, I really invest my emotions and my time. You know me. I don't why all of a sudden they are different," Heart shared.

Chiz reassured her that as long as she did not do anything wrong, she should not be concerned about it. 

But Heart continued, "Well, what was it? Honestly, ako, because sometimes I feel really dumb. I have a friend, I don't know what happened. She just disappeared and I remember I'd see her in parties and I'd feel really stupid that I would always really run after 'Hey, hey' and she's like, 'I gotta go.' I didnt say anything until my friend started to say, 'Alam mo masyado kang naghahabol'."

Chiz again said that there's nothing wrong with her coming after that kind of friend, at least she's still being friendly. Heart agreed and muttered that perhaps "they will come around." 

They went on to discuss about their friends' circumstances in their lives that may have something to do with their behavior. 

Chiz then said, "Wala ka pa rin namang ginagawang mali. Just put it at the back of your mind na hindi mo siya maasahan kung saka-sakali."

Heart shared that it was just "sad" but then Chiz joked that she'll "probably fall flat on her face," Heart quipped that it has "happened to me many times."