Drew Arellano apologizes for calling COVID-19 'the cure' to 'virus' humans

Drew Arellano apologizes for calling COVID-19 'the cure' to 'virus' humans

MANILA, Philippines — Kapuso host Drew Arellano was criticized for his controversial statement on the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In his Twitter account, Drew wrote that humans are the virus and the virus is the cure. 

Drew's controversial post
Screenshot by Philstar.com/Jan Milo Severo

"We are the virus and covid's the cure really," Drew wrote. 

Spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo commented on Drew's post, saying that it's not helping to paint the virus as a good thing. 

"Drew, I know the human race sucks but let's not paint this virus as a good thing," he said. 

"It's insensitive to those who've lost loved ones. You're the father of very beautiful children. Can you tell that to someone who's lost his son to COVID-19?," he added. 

Twitter users also slammed Drew for his statement.

"Drew, may mga taong namatay sa COVID-19. May mga pamilyang nawalan ng nanay, ama, mga anak. Napakainsensitive ng pahayag na ito mula sa isang family guy," a Twitter user commented. 

"Drew, many have died and there are still a lot of people who fighting for their lives in the hospital. Please self-quarantine your privileges," another user commented. 

Drew then retracted his tweet and apologized to those offended.

"My apologies for the tweet. It was insensitive. Hoping everyone is fine on their end," he said.